Revolution in Pipeline Flow

MegaSupraMolecule™ (MSM™) technology is Fluid Efficiency's proprietary innovation, reshaping the pipeline industry. This advanced technology addresses the critical challenges in the traditional flow improver market, such as high costs and operational inefficiencies, by offering a robust, innovative solution.

The Advent of Single Injection Flow Improver

Fluid Efficiency's groundbreaking Single Injection Flow Improver sets a new standard in the flow assurance landscape. This Single Injection Flow Improver enables a single injection process, in contrast to the frequent re-injection required by conventional flow improvers. It stands out for its operational cost-effectiveness, enhanced reliability, and substantial improvement in logistics and safety

How it Works

Unique supramolecular structure improves fluid movement in pipelines and sets a new standard in the flow improver market.

Advanced Polymer Science

MSMs' unique assembly of individual polymers give a high molecular weight structure that provide unparalleled shear stability and maintain their rheological properties in demanding conditions.

Operational Excellence

The MSM technology stands out for its operational efficiency, significantly reducing the need for frequent flow improver additions, and ensuring consistent performance throughout pipeline systems.

Economic and Safety Impact

MSM technology not only cuts operational costs but also enhances operational safety protocols in fluid transport, marking a significant advancement in the industry.

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