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Single Injection Flow Improver

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Single Injection Flow Improver

Unmatched Efficiency in Pipeline Operations

Our Single Injection Flow Improver dramatically transforms pipeline operations, delivering exceptional operational simplicity and cost efficiency.

Only One Injection Required

Existing pipeline flow improvers are ultra high molecular weight polymers that break in pumps, and must be re-injected after each pump to continue working. MSMs™ are self-repairing high molecular weight supramolecules, and thus only need to be added once.

Massive Cost Savings

Using MSMs™ as flow enhancers reduces costs by enabling pipelines to operate with far fewer re-injection points and significantly lower cumulative volumes of material without any compromise in flow rates. MSMs™ allow pipelines to drastically reduce operating cost without affecting operations.

Works with a Wide Array of Fluids

MSMs™ are effective in a wide range of fluids, from refined fuels to heavy crude oil. They work in traditionally challenging environments that other commercial products struggle in.
Fuel Safety (Mist Control)

Elevating Safety Standards in Fuel Handling

Our MSM technology is specifically engineered to enhance fuel safety by effectively controlling mist droplet sizes, significantly mitigating explosion risks.

Effectively Control Mist Size

Mists formed by fuels and other hydrocarbon fluids are often explosive and pose significant safety risks. MSMs improve the safety of fuels and other organic liquids by controlling mist droplet size to uniform larger sizes that reduce ignition risk, thus reducing the potential for explosions.

Persistent Efficacy from Shear Stability

Existing "mist-control agents" are long-chain polymers that degrade rapidly in handling processes for organic liquids (e.g, pumping) and lose their efficacy. Consequently, they are not useful in real-world applications. Self-repairing by design, MSMs survive in shear conditions that break long-chain polymers, providing persistent mist-control efficacy.

EPA Approved in the United States

MSMs are approved by the EPA for use in diesel and gasoline fuels in the United States. ASTM data available on request.
Other Products

Revolutionizing Other Fluid Markets

Our MSM™ technology is setting new benchmarks in lubrication, drilling fluids, and other markets.

A Self-Repairing, Longer-Lasting VII

Viscosity Index Improvers allow lubricants such as motor oils to function well across a range of temperatures, from cold starts to high temperature / high shear engine operating conditions. Existing solutions modify viscosity index, but break down in high-temperature, high-shear conditions, and thus lose effectiveness over time. MSMs™ improve the VI as well as or better than existing solutions, but avoid degradation by self-repairing in these high-temperature, high-shear conditions leading to longer-lasting motor oils, lubricants, and hydraulic fluids.

Works in oil based drilling fluids

Oil based fluids are less dense than water, but traditionally cannot achieve the shear-thinning behavior of water containing guar gum or similar additive. MSMs™ make oil-based drilling fluids more practical in the field with a shear profile similar to water-based fluids.

Applications in Many Other Fluids

We are developing applications in a variety of fluids such as water and carbon dioxide. Watch this space for updates and contact us for your requirements.

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